Just because a traditional moving firm could take apart your grand piano does not mean that they have the knowledge on how to re-assemble it again. 

Piano Mover
A moving company that does not usually move pianos may not have the knowledge on how to pack the pedals and legs so they do not break during the move. Also, they would not know how to repair more complicated issues, like if a dowel accidentally slips out of its place.  

For those who do not know, a piano usually could weigh around several 100 up to thousand pounds. That is why is must not be rolled from one room to another room. Also, you could damage the piano or even hurt yourself if you attempt to transfer it without using proper tools.  

Before you hire a piano moving company, ensure to do some research on potential moving firms if you require moving your piano. This is to ensure that they are up to the task. 

We are not saying that regular moving companies cannot do it. However, they really don’t have the experience, unlike someone who does it every single day.  

Knowing by Their Truck 

One method to find a great piano mover is by the truck they use.  

Several firms claim they concentrate on moving pianos. However, they utilize trucks that are open-air to move the instrument. This means that your piano would be exposed to wind, rain, and other elements that could potentially damage it. 

According to a reputable piano moving company, they should utilize box trucks that are tiny enough to get into the driveway of the homeowner. Also, the trucks must have hydraulic lifts. This is for the crews to move the pianos as fast as they could.  

Asking a Professional 

The greatest way to spot a good piano moving company is to communicate with individuals who regularly deal with them, such as piano teachers and tuners. Usually, they know which firms could safely transport your beloved instrument. 

Also, you must examine the user reviews posted on the company’s site and their social media account.  

You simply want to ensure that you will hire someone who has high reputation.  

Do not Try to Do it yourself 

It might be tempting to attempt and transport the piano yourself, especially if the distance isn’t that far. However, you must keep in mind that pianos are much heavier than they appear.  

You will require having at least 6 individuals to transport your grand piano if it weighs more than a thousand pound. However, a professional piano moving company with the proper tools could transport your grand piano with 2 individuals, and there is less possibility of a person getting injured. 

From losing control of your grand piano to severe injury, there are a lot of reasons why you must hire a professional to do the job. If you really think about it, hiring a professional is cheaper since you will not have to spend money on hospital bills.